Medical Cannabis Helping Our Community

Therese Jones

“I have now gone 4 weeks totally seizure FREE! My last partial complex seizure was one month ago. That was the seizure type that would cluster for hours and shut my heart and lungs down. Since that time, I have had no more seizures of ANY of my five types! I never imagined making it a month, seizure free, but I have. This search and finally relief for my epilepsy is now happening for me, in my 23rd year of having “uncontrolled traumatic epilepsy.” I am so thankful, grateful and so very personally blessed to have found out the truth about the science of medical cannabis!”

Sky Morrisey

“Suffering from chronic pain since a car accident a few years back had left me unable to hold a job and enjoy life.  I was taking seven different prescription painkillers every day, all riddled with side effects. After trying cannabis as a form of treatment, I cut my prescription needs in half almost instantly.  Now, a year later, I am off of all painkillers and only use cannabis.  I no longer have to sacrifice another problem in order to ease my pain.  The pain is gone and so are all of the side effects.  I am now a strong advocate for legalization, so that others can freely treat themselves without hassle or judgment.”

Thom Giberte

“I was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 27.  I suffered for many, many years from panic attacks and debilitating anxiety.  Unable to hold a job or a relationship with anyone, I feared that I would eventually get to a point where I never left my house or became suicidal. I started smoking marijuana as a form of treatment at the age of 33 and I call it my cure.  I experienced a dramatic decrease in panic attacks and my anxiety levels fell within the normal range for the first time in years.  I was able to get through the day without breaking down.  I found a job at the age of 34 and have held it ever since, which is 7 years now.  I am active in my social circle as well and my depression is under control.”